Hello!  The ‘we’ of Chant Malas is me, Founder and Creatrix, Helen.  I’m a mama of two small humans, woodland dancer and seaside dweller (Hove, UK, to be exact).  I began creating mala beads in 2014, around the birth of my first child, when I become more immersed in my own japa meditation practice as I prepared for my first birthing experience.  


  1. To pass on my love of mantra meditation and mindfulness practices in an accessible way. No faff, no hype, just high quality, consciously-crafted beads made with your meditation practice in mind.  Click here to view collections.  Click here to view all upcoming workshops and events.
  2. To ignite your mantra practice and inspire you to work with the energy of the moon and Goddesses of the world! For more information on this, see my blog.
  3. To cater to all budgets in order to ensure that anyone that would like to own and use these sacred tools, can.
  4. To give back to communities in need. 5% of my profits are donated to a Charity of the Quarter.  Currently this is the Tower Hill Stables animal sanctuary in Essex, UK.  I am also working with a community of women in Assam, India, supporting them by collaborating in yoga-inspired textiles, which will be available in the shop in the new year - watch this space!  When you buy a Chant piece, you can feel good about the fact that you are contributing in some way to a variety of charities.


Chant Malas are created to tell a story, whether that be the story of a Goddess, the story of a journey, or the story of an individual (as with my bespoke pieces).  My design process begins with an intention, which is then used to guide my choice of stones, and then allow the design to emerge from there.

I use only natural stones and/or seeds that have undergone only mechanical treatment, so no dyes and no heating.  Created with integrity, all Chant Malas are sustainably- and ethically-sourced, vegan and contain no animal products or residues so that you can be confident that your beads match your values.


 "Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of ordering three lovely malas from ChantMalas.  Each one has been carefully and lovingly crafted.  The attention to detail is obvious.  Recently, I received a custom-made mala, which Helen crafted, with my input, to address my particular set of circumstances.  It is simply beautiful and soothing to wear.  It is quite evident that the creation of these malas is a labour of love, and that Helen truly cares about her customers.  I feel lucky to have found her site!" Jen, UK

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